Can a Titanium Exhaust System Benefit the Power-to-Weight Ratio in a Subaru BRZ?

The power-to-weight ratio is a critical factor in the performance of a vehicle. It determines how much power can be effectively put to the ground per unit mass of the car. One way to improve this ratio is by reducing the weight of the vehicle. This brings us to a revolutionary concept in automobile engineering – Titanium exhaust systems. But can these high-tech titanium offerings genuinely make a difference to your driving experience in a Subaru BRZ? Let’s find out.

A Deeper Look into Titanium Exhaust Systems

Before we explore the benefits of a Titanium exhaust system, it’s essential to understand what it is and how it works. Unlike standard steel or aluminum exhausts, a Titanium exhaust system is made from a high-strength, lightweight metal that offers superior durability and heat resistance.

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Typically, an exhaust system functions by flushing out the waste gases from the engine’s combustion process. However, the material of the system can significantly influence the efficiency of this process, impacting the vehicle’s overall performance. Titanium, with its unique properties, has emerged as a popular choice for high-performance vehicles, like the Subaru WRX STI.

Weight Reduction and Performance Enhancement

It’s common knowledge among car enthusiasts that reducing the vehicle’s weight can substantially enhance its performance. This is particularly true in racing, where every pound matters. The less weight, the faster the car can accelerate, enhancing its power-to-weight ratio.

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Titanium exhaust systems are notably lighter than their steel or aluminum counterparts. For instance, a Tomei titanium exhaust system for a Subaru WRX can weigh around 10 pounds less than a traditional steel system. This weight difference might seem insignificant, but it can add up when considering other lightweight accessories and components.

Moreover, the weight reduction is not only about improved acceleration. It also affects the vehicle’s handling and fuel efficiency. A lighter car can navigate corners better and consume less fuel, giving you better mileage and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Boosting the Engine Performance

The benefits of titanium exhaust systems go beyond weight reduction. These systems help in improving the engine’s performance by facilitating a more efficient exhaust flow. The faster the exhaust gases are expelled, the quicker fresh air-fuel mixture can enter the engine, resulting in higher power output.

Moreover, titanium exhaust systems often feature mandrel-bent pipes. These types of pipes don’t constrict the flow of exhaust gases like traditional exhaust pipes. Instead, they maintain a consistent diameter throughout the bend, reducing backpressure and enabling the engine to ‘breathe’ more efficiently.

For example, Tomei, a leading manufacturer of performance parts, offers a full titanium exhaust system for Subaru models including the WRX and BRZ. Their kits include a front pipe, a mid pipe, and mufflers, all designed to enhance the engine’s power output.

Impact on the Suspension and Handling

The weight reduction resulting from a titanium exhaust system can also impact the car’s suspension and handling. By reducing the weight at the back of the vehicle, you can achieve a more balanced weight distribution, which translates to improved handling.

When it comes to Subaru models, they are known for their advanced suspension systems. The WRX, for instance, features a sport-tuned 4-wheel independent suspension. However, even with such advanced systems, the weight reduction from a titanium exhaust can still offer noticeable improvements.

Moreover, the weight reduction can also allow for further enhancements. For example, you could opt for coilover kits or lowering springs to lower the car’s center of gravity, improving its stability and reducing body roll.

Influence on Electronics and Fuel System

The positive implications of titanium exhaust systems extend to the vehicle’s electronics and fuel system as well. The reduced backpressure from a more efficient exhaust flow can lead to improved throttle response, giving you smoother acceleration.

Furthermore, the faster expulsion of exhaust gases can result in lower engine temperatures. This can reduce the strain on your cooling system and extend the life of your engine components.

With regards to fuel efficiency, a well-performing exhaust system can lead to more complete combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Thus, besides the weight savings and performance enhancements, a titanium exhaust system can also contribute to more economical operation of the vehicle.

To conclude, a titanium exhaust system can indeed benefit the power-to-weight ratio in a Subaru BRZ, or indeed any performance-oriented vehicle. Its lightweight nature, coupled with improved exhaust flow, can enhance engine performance, handling, and fuel efficiency. Therefore, if you’re considering an upgrade, a titanium exhaust system should certainly be on your radar.

Advanced Brake System and Suspension Adjustable Links

The benefits of a titanium exhaust system go beyond an improved power-to-weight ratio. A lesser known but significant advantage lies within its impact on the brake system and the suspension adjustable links.

The reduced weight of a titanium exhaust system results in less strain on the brake system. This reduction in load can lead to improved brake performance and longevity, as the brakes won’t have to work as hard to slow down or stop the lighter vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for performance or track cars where braking performance is crucial.

The lightweight nature of the titanium exhaust system also benefits the suspension adjustable links. These components are vital in maintaining the car’s alignment and balance, especially during high-speed maneuvers. Less weight at the rear end of the vehicle means less stress on these links, allowing them to perform optimally.

Finally, the reduced backpressure due to a more efficient exhaust flow can have a positive impact on the bushings mounts and system drivetrain. With less strain, these components can deliver smoother and more efficient power transmission, enhancing not only performance but also the lifespan of the parts.

Impact on Wheel Accessories and Coilover Kit Integration

The performance advantages of a titanium exhaust system extend to the Subaru BRZ’s wheel accessories and the potential integration of a coilover kit.

The weight savings from a titanium exhaust system can allow for the use of lighter wheel accessories such as rims and tires. Lighter wheels can reduce the unsprung weight, contributing to improved handling and responsiveness.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned weight reduction can also be beneficial when integrating a coilover kit. As the vehicle’s weight decreases, it becomes possible to use a coilover kit with lighter springs. This improves the car’s suspension and handling further, allowing for better control and stability, especially when cornering at high speeds.

Furthermore, the enhanced exhaust flow efficiency can also impact the cooling system of the vehicle. The quicker removal of exhaust gases reduces the heat produced, potentially reducing the workload on the cooling system. This can result in less wear and tear on system cooling components such as the radiator and coolant, extending their lifespan while ensuring optimal engine temperatures.


In conclusion, installing a titanium exhaust system in your Subaru BRZ can yield substantial benefits in terms of performance, handling, and longevity. With its impact extending from the engine to the brake system, suspension adjustable links, wheel accessories, and the possibility of coilover kit integration, titanium exhaust systems offer a holistic approach to vehicle optimization. The reduced weight and improved exhaust flow efficiency can also positively impact other systems like the cooling system, drivetrain, and fuel system.

Whether you’re an everyday driver seeking better fuel efficiency and smoother handling or a track enthusiast chasing better lap times, a titanium exhaust system can be a game-changing upgrade. So yes, a titanium exhaust system can definitely benefit the power-to-weight ratio in a Subaru BRZ, and go beyond to offer an overall improved driving experience.

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